Your Guide to Hiking in Norway This Winter

Hiking in Norway is one of the most popular pastimes within the region. Mountains, fjords and luscious scenery make for a breathtaking adventure. Hiking in Norway is not entirely dangerous either. So, if you want to release your intrepid explorer, you can do so safely. One of the best ways to see Norway is on foot. You don’t have to worry about going alone either. As Norway is famous for its hiking tours, you are sure to find an organisation to help you with your endeavour.

Let’s find out more.

The Norwegian Trekking Organisation

If you are new to the luscious Scandinavian countryside, you may want a helping hand in getting around. After all, you don’t want to become lost in the mountains. The Norwegian Trekking Organisation is a great place to start. With local chapters throughout the length and breadth of Norway, you are sure to find a place to hike that suit you. They arrange over 4000 trips per year, so you know that you are in safe hands. Marked trips and organised tours are what they do best. So, whether you want see North Cape or Kristiansand, there is a route for you. The different courses cater to a wide range of different abilities. Whether you are hardened to hiking or you are a novice wanting to try something new, the Norwegian Trekking Organisation will ensure that you put on a suitable route.



Using the Internet: Take a Look at is one of the best sites that will assist you with finding the perfect hiking route. There is a wealth of cabins spread across the Norwegian countryside so that you can lay your head too. Housetrip have stated that some are self-catering, or you can choose to stay in local accommodation. Not everyone wants to pitch a tent while they hike, so having a cabin is ideal. After all, hikes can last for several days when formed part of an organised tour. It’s worth knowing where to stay while you are there.

The Best Places to Visit in Norway

Now you have the basics covered, there are some places that you must visit while you are in Norway.


This is considered the most accessible hiking route in Norway. So, if you are a fledgling hiker, this is the best place to start. Take in the glaciers of the region and be amazed by the snowy wonderland around you. Waterfalls and fjords are in abundance. But, you don’t have to hike solely on your Voss adventure. There are opportunities for parachuting into the countryside too. What could be better than seeing Norway from a height?




While in Finnmark, you will be startled by the stark scenery. While Voss is luscious and scenic, Finnmark is a contrast to this. But, for the intrepid among us, this is the only mountain range to head to. What’s more, Finnmark is on the coast. So, if you want to lap up sedate, deserted beaches, this is the place to be. Head here in September as the depths of winter can be perilous.

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