Top places to listen good music in HK

There is one key ingredient every club needs, and this is good music! Can you imagine enjoying a night out if the music is dreadful? It puts a downer on the whole evening. To ensure this does not happen to you, why not pick one of the following five clubs for your next night out? All five venues have gained a reputation for some of the best music in Hong Kong.


Play Club

There is only one place to begin and this is with Play Club. This club in Central is huge, boasting three different rooms and two DJ booths. It has gained a reputation for attracting some of the biggest names in the world of DJing. This includes the likes of DJ Jekey, Anil Anuja, Smith Agent Smith, DJ Gie, Deejay Ros, DJ Whoo Kid and Patrick Oliver. The club also regularly hosts different events and themed nights for guests to enjoy, with dance and hip hop music being exceptionally popular here. This 800 capacity venue features three different rooms, two DJ booths, two pool tables, two main bars and a separate premium Champagne bar.



The next option you should consider when going clubbing is Oma. This is one of the newest clubs in Wyndham Street, having only opened this year. The club supports local DJs but is also making an effort to attract international DJs as well, as DJs K-Melo, Ocean Lam, Basil Tam and Frankie Lam. The main genre of music played at Oma is techno, yet you will also experience alternative music, as well as house and disco.



XXX is another of the better options Hong Kong nightlife has to offer. This bar is situated in Sheung Wan. It is very popular and if you visit this venue you can expect to hear underground music. From dubstep to electro, you will get to enjoy a wide scope of music. XXX attracts a hip crowd of both locals and expats.


Peel Fresco

Peel Fresco markets itself as Hong Kong’s only true live music venue and thus you can be sure that your ears are in for a treat. There are many events hosted at this venue located in Peel Street throughout the year. A calendar can be found on the official website. Nonetheless, some upcoming events include the likes of Open Mic Jam, Sunday Chill Out Jam, Beat Brothers, and Jason Moore – Solo Acoustic.


Honi Honi

Last on the list of places to visit for good music is Honi Honi. This is a popular cocktail lounge that can be found in Wellington Street. ‘Honi Honi’ literally means ‘kiss kiss’, referring to a Polynesian greeting. The design of the venue is based on classic Polynesian elements, with the use of bamboo and timber throughout. It’s natural yet lively at the same time. There is a vast assortment of cocktails for visitors to enjoy, including an array of unique Honi Honi creations, such as Bounty Hunter and Tiki Meister. And of course, you can enjoy your cocktails to the background of excellent music.

Now that you know more about some of the best venues to listen good music in Hong Kong, which one will you be visiting this weekend?

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