How To Travel Safely: 6 Easy Steps

For some people, the only thing holding them back from booking their next flight is the fear that they may be unsafe while travelling. Often, this fear isn’t as well placed as you might think. Of course, every city in every country has a portion of threatening, desperate individuals, but that’s the same at home as it is abroad. However, being a traveller in another country does occasionally put you at a slightly larger risk of crime. Here’s how to enhance your safety levels while travelling.

Separate Your Money

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Separate out your money sources, so you don’t find yourself with nothing, if you lose one pot of funds. Be sure to keep the majority of your money in the hotel safe, while everything else should be split up carefully. Of course, remember to tell your bank that you are going abroad. The last thing that you want is for them to freeze your account, because they think someone is using your details illegally.

See The Travel Nurse

A few months before you are due to leave, book an appointment with a travel nurse. They will be able to give you any vaccinations or medication that you will need in your country of choice. Sometimes, you won’t even be allowed to travel without proof of the correct vaccinations, so bear that in mind. It’s also worth making sure that you have travel insurance, in case of a medical emergency abroad.

Do Your Research

First of all, it’s important to research your country before you leave. You don’t want to make a serious cultural faux pas on your travel. Offending the locals isn’t a great idea. Secondly, be sure to thoroughly research any travel company, accommodation, or flights site that you will be using. This is especially important for avoiding time-consuming decision making with so many options out there, but also to keep away from online fraud. It’s not enough to find the lowest price but also reliability and quality. You might want to choose respected online travel agencies such as Bravofly to consolidate all your bookings in one go. Check what others say about Bravofly on reviews website Trustpilot – that way, you can be sure that you won’t be left in the lurch.

Leave Your Valuables At Home

Don’t take anything with you that is overtly flashy or looks expensive. You may be able to get by with your smartphone, but even then, it’s best to exercise caution. Don’t wear any pricey jewellery either.

Make Local Friends

Go socialise. It will help if you can speak the lingo. Making new friends abroad is a great way to have fun, but also to weave yourself a safety nets. Friends can help you, if you are in a pinch. They can also provide with you valuable local knowledge about which areas you should avoid and how to stay safe.

Learn Some Basic Self Defence

Hopefully you won’t need it – and if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you should just run – but sometimes, a little self-defence goes a long way, and could potentially save your life. It’s best to go to self-defence or martial arts classes, but there are videos online that can help you learn how to protect yourself effectively, using technique and not strength.

A Tick List for the Best Family Holiday

Planning a family holiday can be stressful but the overall emotion should be excitement. Taking your family away for a fortnight in the sun or on an action-packed adventure will be the highlight of your year. It is a time to forget the stress of work, bond, and create some great memories. The best way to enjoy the anticipation of a family holiday is to prepare as thoroughly as you can on the run-up to your time away. Here I’ve listed the most important factors you need to consider in preparation for your holiday. So make a list and don’t forget the bucket and spade!


A week in the blistering sun is not the ideal holiday for all families. You may be a group of especially light-skinned people who struggle to cope with baking heat or you may be winter sports fanatics. If the former is the case perhaps consider a holiday closer to home. The south of England has some warm weather which does not get overwhelming as does the north of France.



If you have young children they will need to be kept occupied during a week or two away. A holiday such as the ones provided by UK Breakways to various Pontins destinations are perfect for keeping the kids entertained. Having face painting, tennis, and go-karts all organised for you is a hassle-free way to make sure they are kept busy. Alternatively, you could plan a family cycling holiday or even go on a city break.

Down time

If this is your only holiday of the year you may need to prioritise some relaxation time. It is not pleasant returning to work after a week away and not feeling like you have had any time to recharge your batteries. By having at least a few days somewhere where the kids will be kept occupied but you are able to kick back at the end of your holiday always works for me.


Do you have fussy eaters in your family? It’s a common issue. Probably best to avoid a remote Indonesian island where chips are not on the culinary radar. However, most holiday destinations these days are accommodating to the majority of diets.


Make sure you get the boring bits out of the way well in advance. Websites such as Money Supermarket are great for finding the best deals on travel insurance. Also, check your passports to ensure they are in date. It’s a surprisingly easy oversight to make!


If you have young kids you may want to avoid long haul flights. You may also want to factor in airport transfers if there are family members who suffer from travel sickness.


Make sure you have all the essentials way ahead of packing. Holiday wardrobe, toiletries and medication should be on shopping list well in advance of the packing phase of your preparation.


Pets and plants may need to be taken care of while you are away. Organise this with a neighbour or friend well long before you go away. Remember they may have a holiday planned for the same time.

Gap Year Logistics

Gap years are an exciting concept, allowing you to explore the world and experience a wealth of breathtaking scenery and diverse cultures. From an array of visa’s to saving up for multiple currencies to just what is considered to be an essential travel item, there are plenty of considerations to make which may mean important decisions may get overlooked and left until the last minute. Whether you choose to be brave and travel alone or opt to embark on this adventure with your friend’s, here are a number of key logistics to consider before you jet off to explore the globe.

Travel Insurance

It may not be on the top of your to do list, but travel insurance is perhaps one of the best gifts you can buy for yourself before you head off on your travels. You may think travel insurance is an unnecessary spend, especially when you have already forked out a huge chunk of your savings on your travel and accommodation, but it is vital that you purchase this. From missed flights to broken limbs, travel insurance can cover a range of eventualities that can (and often will) go wrong. It’s imperative that you read the terms and conditions in detail to ensure you are covered for as much as possible, or else you may face an expensive bill when things go pear shaped.


If you’re spending more than a few months adventuring, then it’s vital that you know where your next wage will come from. You may have worked hard and saved up for the past year or so, or have inherited a sum of money to help aid your travels, but this may not necessarily cover you for the entirety of your trip. Travelling can prove to be an expensive time, but luckily there is often plenty of work for travellers to do in order to make a little extra cash. From farming to shop work, spend some time noting down contact details for the places you’d like to work whilst you’re away, and ensure your CV and cover letter are up to date and safely saved to a portable memory device ready to print.

Although you may think it an easy task coming across a job whilst travelling, it’s crucial to research in order to make sure you have the correct visas in order for each country or else you may face a heavy fine or even deportation.

Gap Year Storage

If you’re planning your gap year pre-university, it’s likely that you won’t have to worry about storing your belongings and renting out your room or home. If however, you plan on taking a break from further education to travel or are taking a break from the working world, ensuring your belongings are safely stored away is certainly something to think about. If you’re a home owner and considering renting your home whilst you’re away to maintain a regular income or you’re renting your student room, storing your belongings is a must. If you don’t have the space to store these items within your loft space or garage, companies such as Safe Store offer specially designed travel packages to enable you to protect your precious belongings and keep them out of harm’s way whilst you’re away.

There are plenty of essential decisions to make, so to ensure you don’t miss anything important, make a list and tick off each task as you complete it to keep track of what is left to do. Happy adventuring!