The Rise of Private Jet Membership Clubs

Technology has made it possible for people to travel from one place to the next in a matter of hours. However, airport delays, long security lines and outrageous fees have many passengers wishing that they were anywhere else but flying. Private jet charters are looking to take the hassles and high costs out of flying for business and pleasure with their own private jet membership clubs.

What are Private Jet Membership Clubs?

While travel safety is an important part of getting away, finding something affordable is just as critical, especially if you have a large family. That’s where private jet membership clubs come into the equation. Private charter jet companies typically open up their fleet of air crafts to meet the needs of its members. The charter company is also able to provide quality and luxurious service to its members at a cost-efficient price.

Primary Features offers private jet memberships to their customers without a long-term commitment. You also won’t find any hidden costs or large capital outlays. Another important aspect when looking for a private jet membership is to find a pricing program that fits with your basic lifestyle and needs. Whether the business charges by hours or plane, you need to assess your travel needs in order to obtain the best program.

How are the Membership Programs Structured?

The membership programs for private jets vary and are typically dependent on the company. Some company’s offer a specific type of aircraft, and you have to purchase a number of set hours on your membership card. From light jets and Hawkers to Midsize planes and heavy jets, the membership possibilities are endless. You can also work on a deposit basis. Once you’ve placed a set amount of money down on the membership program club, the flight hours and time would be deducted from that amount.

The Many Benefits

If you’ve flown in the past decade, you know the hassles that come with traveling via plane. Long lines through security, delays, lack of room, and disruptive passengers are just part of the problem. Commercial passengers also have exorbitant fees for luggage, seating, food and beverages. Private jet membership clubs provide a cost effective approach to flying. Plus, passengers get a plane load of perks such as arriving directly to your own private flight terminal, and you don’t have to wait in any long lines. You also get additional perks on the plane such as a variety of food choices, beverages and entertainment options. If you’re flying to a particular destination that a commercial jet doesn’t travel to, private jet charters typically have better access to some of the locales. Cost is the primary perk when it comes to the private jet membership clubs because they are less expensive than flying a group of passengers commercially. You could also gain access on a flight via empty leg seating. It a plane is dropping off a passenger or going to pick them up in the same locale that you’re traveling, you can afford to travel in luxury for less than you would think.

Booking a Reservation is Easy

The latest technological advances have even made it possible for some private jet membership companies to allow their passengers to book their own flights with the use of a smartphone, laptop or notepad. This means no more long hours on hold waiting for an attendant to get you the flight information that you desire and to the destination that you’re looking for. This type of app also makes it convenient for individuals who don’t have set hours and need to search for flights during the middle of the night or early morning hours.

Discounts and Rewards

Whether you’re travels take you on a pleasurable route or for business, you’re typically at the mercy of the airline industry when it comes to costs. Black-out dates and other rules can apply through frequent flyer programs. However, when you’re signed with a private jet membership club, their unique benefits can reward frequent flyer customers added bonuses and discounts for the extended hours that they put in every time they board the plane.