5 Amazing Locations to Go on Safari in Africa

You’re in the middle of nowhere, wildlife is your only companion and you love it. The beautiful sunrises over these natural terrains will feed your basic instincts for survival.

Bwindi Gorilla Safari: If you find yourself with an insatiable need to dig into primal instinct; then this is the safari for you. Deep in Uganda rest the tropical rainforest .

If you dare venture through this safari for three days, you not only have the opportunity to experience the true beauty of the forest, but you will be an active participant in the real life tracking of Uganda’s native gorillas. After tracking them down you will enjoy the culture of the gorillas as you spend time in their world before returning to wonderful food and entertainment from the locals of the region.

Arusha, Tanzania Safari: Abercrombie & Kent are no strangers to luxury travel. If your goal is the experience of a lifetime in the wilderness of Africa, the Tanzania Safari needs to be on your short list. You will find yourself on a journey through a coffee plantation and open grasslands filled with wildebeest, gazelles, elephants, and exotic birds. Track through valleys and local produce farms to the Ngorongoro Crater where lions and buffalo await you in the middle of iconic and tranquil surroundings. Visit an elder and learn the culture and lifestyles of the locals at the Maasai village. End your seven day journey with a memorable game drive in the Serengeti followed by a final native meal.

Kenya Safari: There are too many specific Kenyan safaris to name. This is wildly because the land is enriched with culture and unmatched scenery. Any planned safari will lead you through a savannah crowded with roaming wildlife and organic plant life. Mt. Kenya towers over several villages that hold the essence of the territory in their own unique ways. Family friendly ventures leave you with lasting memories and priceless educational experiences. In roughly two weeks, the heart of Kenya’s fun filled forest and serene scenery can leave a lasting impression on your life.

Zanzibar:  A tropical paradise is nestled in the fabulous isle of Zanzibar. Known for the many spices produced on the luxurious island, a safari in this part of the world is sure to be a perfumed delight. After you take the time to walk the towns with the Indian Ocean as a serene backdrop, you will have experienced the spice trading in the marketplace and will have seen the old whitewashed houses along the shore. The spice plantations are filled with all of your favorite seasoning and coffees. To really emerge you in this safari, you will journey the Jozani Forest and witness the common acrobatics of the Red Colobus Monkey.

Botswana: One of the best safaris in Africa will be found in Botswana. Traveling through the Okavango Delta is a magical experience. You will ride down one thousand miles of flowing river only to find yourself in the middle of the Kalahari Desert as the Okavango River loses its source. The river itself is home to much wildlife and it isn’t uncommon to see an elephant emerge from under the water. Finish this safari with a visit to the Moremi Wildlife Reserve to capture picture perfect scenery and engage with an array of animals native to this lush and enchanting world.