Budget Vacation Destinations for Students

Students do not have a lot of money because they are spending most of what they have on tuition, supplies, books, and other expenses related to getting their degree. Whether you are going to a college or university to get your bachelor’s degree in business, your master’s degree in law, or your nurse practitioner doctorate degree through a BSN to DNP online program from a reputable university, you deserve a break every now and then. But because your budget might be tight, you might think that you can’t afford a vacation. This isn’t true, as long as you stick to the budget destinations listed below.


Just because you are on a low budget certainly does not mean that you can’t travel internationally and see a new amazing place like Ecuador. There, you will find everything from cobbled streets and Colonial architecture, to lovely plazas, the Amazon Rainforest, volcanoes, and restaurants serving delicious local cuisine. There really is something for everyone, and each city in the country has a host of affordable activities that you can enjoy and places where you can stay.


One of the most popular travel destinations for students who want to go on vacation during their winter, spring, or summer break is Amsterdam. This beautiful place has plenty of fun activities to participate in, so take your friends with you and enjoy all of the unique culture, architecture, restaurants, and entertainment that this beautiful, yet surprisingly affordable, city has to offer.

Puerto Rico

When you are a student on a budget and you want to go to a tropical island destination without breaking the bank, check out Puerto Rico, which is easy to get to and surprisingly affordable. You will be able to enjoy delicious foods and drinks, party the night away, check out some amazing architecture, venture through rainforests, and lounge lazily on the island’s many gorgeous beaches. The locals are friendly and helpful, and there is also plenty of shopping that you can do so you can bring some really neat souvenirs home with you.

Costa Rica

One of the most beloved tropical travel destinations on the planet is Costa Rica, where you can take life slow and easy, and where you can really enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Friendly locals, delicious food, volcanoes, rainforests, beaches, and more await you. If you are the adventurous type who loves to explore, see wildlife, and meet new people, you definitely need to check out this amazing country. There are plenty of affordable hostels, as well as B&Bs, that you can choose from, and the exchange rate from the U.S. dollar also makes it easier to afford an unforgettable trip.

Keep the above travel destinations in mind if you are looking for a really fun and unique vacation experience while you are in school. You will be able to stick to your budget while making memories that will last a lifetime, so take advantage of affordable airfares and hotel rates to make the most of your experience.