September New York Getaways

September is a warm month in New York with temperatures averaging at 24 degree Celsius. A convenient temperature if you wish to participate in some outdoor activities. The weather is also ideal if you have young kids who would want to accompany you on your tour. Although almost every season is tremendously busy in the big apple, September is an exception as most New Yorkers will have returned to their daily schedules after the summer vacations, and the holiday season will not have started yet. As such, most tourist destinations will not be overcrowded hence you can enjoy the front row view of the event that you choose.

Considering that New York is a large and busy city, you will need to hire a car to help you drive around, but it is important to take precautionary measures beforehand since accidents are a norm in this city. You can do this by enrolling for a defensive driving course a NY Insurance reductions course and consequently, you will be safe in case of any liability claims. The money generated from defensive driving courses can be used to settle such claims. Below are some popular sites and events you should visit during your September New York Getaway.

Participate in the Feast of Gennaro

For over Ninety years New Yorker’s have been celebrating the Italian heritage through the Feast of Gennaro. This popular celebration acknowledges the Patron Saints of Naples through religious processions, musical entertainments, the famous cannoli-eating contest, and parades. The feat is very popular amongst the locals and visitors hence you should consider participating in it. The only catch here is that you should come hungry because the streets of Little Italy are packed with food, with vendors preparing all manner of traditional Italian dishes.

Attend the Coney Island Film Festival

Coney Island annual film festival takes place in the second weekend of September, and it is hosted in two venues namely the Seashore Theatre and the Coney Island Museum. This festival features a diverse selection of independent films from all over the world which comprises genres such as sci-fi, experimental, and horror. After the live stage show, you can enjoy an open night party or make a trip to the aquarium and amusement park if the weather is favorable. You don’t have to carry packed food as you can check in at Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano for a slice of pizza or grab some hotdogs at the Nathan’s Famous.

Join the German-American Steuben Parade

The annual German-American Steuben Parade is held during the third Saturday of September whereby nine marching divisions traverse the fifth avenue starting at 86th street and ending at 68th street. Here, you will get to interact with marchers from Germany U.S.A Switzerland, and Austria. Additionally, there are fabulous floats and dance groups which are activities done to celebrate the 300 years of friendship between America and Germany. After the parade, you can pass by Oktoberfest which is in Central Park where you can enjoy German dishes and brews alongside live entertainment from the polka bands. Also, ensure that you don’t miss to witness Masskrugstemmen Championship event whereby competitors raise the 5-pound steins of German beer and whoever holds the longest wins.

Watch the Tennis U.S. Opens

If you are a sporting fan, you will undoubtedly enjoy the U.S. Tennis Opens which takes place in the Flushing Meadow region which a New York suburb. Notably, this is one of the four main grand slams alongside the Wimbledon, Australian, and French Opens. The tournament is hosted at the Deco Turf grounds which is the fastest surface turf of all tennis tournaments.

If you are planning on making a September New York getaway, you should consider the above travel destinations which will give you a wholesome experience of New York Culture. Markedly, New York is a fun city to visit but you should cautious when driving across its streets. By taking a quick defensive driving course, your insurance coverage rates will be significantly lowered, and you can use the money generated from defensive driving courses to finance your trip.

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