NY Holiday Travel Game Plan

New York is disaster during the holidays. Everyone is coming home or leaving the state to visit their family and friends at the end of the year. That’s why the airports and roads are always so cluttered with people and some disabled drivers: understanding handicap driving. On top of this stressor, the road conditions could be iced with the frigid temperatures making defensive driving more necessary than ever.

With so much stress, traveling is undoubtedly overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together your New York holiday travel game plan to help you survive the end of the year traveling woes. This list will prepare you with everything you need to know, especially if this is your first year traveling for the holidays.

Preparation for your Flight or Drive

Whether you’re flying or driving home, you should always be prepared. There are small steps you can take to ensure you’re ready to go whenever you’re in line at the airport or hitting the road. You never want to be the person who holds up another’s time.

Having your flight ticket in hand or double checking your tires for the long distance drive are a few ways you can avoid holding up the show. Make a checklist of everything you need before leaving, so you can travel efficiently.

Expect Delays

Seemingly everyone is traveling during the holidays. So, expecting your flight to be on time or no traffic on the highway is preposterous. Always expect delays during the holidays. Expecting and preparing for the worst might seem pessimistic, but at least you’ll be prepared.

Pad Your Schedule

Speaking of preparation, padding your schedule is a great way to remain on time. To pad your schedule, tack an extra 30-minutes on your travel times to account for any delays. The worst thing that will come from this is you arriving a little early. Arriving early during holiday travels is never a bad thing.

Gift Giving and Gift Receiving

The one disappointing fact about the holidays is how people don’t account for gifts. You can check off everything you need to travel with, but you might forget about bringing gifts home with you. This could lead to one awkward moment in the airport when you realize you must leave some gifts behind. To avoid this, leave some extra luggage space or plan to mail your gifts back home.

Avoid the Busiest Travel Days

Always aim to travel on the least busy days. This will help you avoid commotion around airports and highways. Sure, you might be traveling on a Sunday at 4:00 AM, but you’ll be arriving to your destination on time and with little to no stress. You can sleep on the plane!

Don’t Forget Entertainment and Snacks

Most people get so fixated on the travel stress, they forget to eat. Packing snacks will keep your energy up to deal with grueling lines and traffic lanes. To make the ease of waiting a little bit less horrible, you should have some form of entertainment, such as a book, Netflix show, or an active imagination.

Practice Patience

Finally, don’t forget to practice patience. Everyone is in the same boat as you when traveling home for the holidays. So, when you lose your cool, treat people poorly, or turn into a reckless driver, you don’t make matters any better.

Traveling for the holidays is stressful for everyone. Especially around New York. So, when you’re in the airport or on the road, remember to be patient – it’s okay that you’re in stand still traffic.

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