Man Meets Beast: The Cozy Caleche Rides of Mont Tremblant

It can be a burden to travel, but not when a fine beast is conveniently trailing you and family around quaint neighborhoods. Such is the setting for those who take chaleche rides in Mont Tremblant. There’s much to do there, but you must reserve time to see Old Montreal from a cozy caleche.

30 or 60 Minutes

You may tour for thirty or sixty minutes. The condensed tour takes you around the more popular areas of Old Montreal, Place D’Armes and Place Jacques-Cartier. The extended tour is more thorough as guides use anecdotes and pictures to give a full ride around Old Montreal. If you’re traveling with younger children, you may want to opt for the quicker ride in case they get a bit antsy. However, if friends and family members love history, then they will adore the full tour. Of course, some of your party may stay back at your Mont Tremblant luxury rentals while enthusiasts take the tour.


Tour guides are well prepared and must undergo training in order to get the job. The extended tour is divided in 10 sections and supplemented with photographs and anecdotes. Tour guides memorize sixty-five ‘capsules’ of information and also provide resources such as web sites, so you can further your education about Old Montreal afterward.


Horses are fully trained and drivers stay in control at all times in addition to using whips to keep horses disciplined and trotting. While some people in the area do not like the idea of horses being used for pleasure rides, the proper authorities ensure the welfare and fair treatment of the animals.

Be Mindful

Unfortunately, some charlatans try to take advantage of tourists, so be mindful when deciding to take a ride, or else you may ‘get taken for a ride.’ Since tour guides do invite people on the sidewalk for rides, it’s best to reserve a caleche beforehand. That way, you can check the web for reviews and any negative sentiments about a particular provider. Also, ask if it is appropriate to tip the rider or if such gratuity is already included in the price of the ride.


Rides are available day or night and given amid an array of weather conditions. You don’t want your lack of comfort to take away from the experience, so come prepared. While some services supply riders with blankets and warm drinks, you may want to bring along a heavier jacket or sweater in addition to a blanket, especially for younger friends and family members. Also, consider filling a thermos with hot chocolate, soup, or other beverage that will keep you warm.

French or English

Caleche services are well aware of the numbers of tourists that come to Mont Tremblant, and most caleche services provide tours in English or French. While some speak both languages, if you’re not an expert in speaking French, references or language may deter from complete understanding of the provided information. To be sure there will be no communication barriers, ask your service provider beforehand if tour guides are equally proficient in English and French.

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