9 Dreamy Wedding Ceremony Ideas for a Fairytale Affair

Yes, a beautiful wedding with the love of your life, surrounded by family members and friends is nothing short of a fairy tale. To create an even impactful atmosphere, you would need the décor to be grand as well. A common wedding myth is that you need to spend a lot for decors. Well, if you are smart enough you can still manage to get a fairy tale affair with your allotted budget.

Wholesale flowers online are widely available now. This provides you plenty of scope to experiment with the décor according to your preferences.

White Lilac arches

When you talk about dreamy, everything should look dreamy and exotic. Starting from the ceilings, floors, tables and overall food arrangement. Patterns of white everywhere seems like a good option when choosing for a fairy tale theme. Now for the floral part of it, white lilac arches would be an absolute delight to the eyes. Not just in one single arch, create a layer of arches throughout the whole venue. This could be the unique cloud themed wedding that would make you the center of conversation for all upcoming wedding brides.

A venue by the sea side

Beautiful view, birds chirping and you and your partner reciting the vows in front of natural light is a feeling that cannot be described in words. For your fairy tale dream to become true, look for a venue by the sea side where you can make proper arrangements of wedding. As you can buy wholesale flowers online now, arrangements out of your comfort zone has become quite easier.

Destination wedding with king and queen theme

You can get to feel as king or queen for one day during the wedding. For this, design your outfits in a grand style. Go crazy with extravagant floral decors all over the venue. Choose exotic wedding flowers such as orchids, gardenia or heliconia to match with the grand view and outlook.

Romance through the gardens

A wedding between the gardens could be something the inner flower princess in you always wanted. For grooms too, this venue can be a good surprise for your partner. The garden does not necessarily have to be a real one. You can create an artificial garden by buying wholesale flowers online.

Mermaid themed décor

Decorate the aisle, arches, alters and chuppahs in shades of blue and green. Keep the color theme of aquamarine, pastel and sea green. A long slide slit dress would be the perfect attire for the bride. As for the groom, a shimmery silk shirt or a light blue suit would be appropriate.

Re-do your proposal

Before reciting your wedding vows, kneel down before your partner and recreate your proposal moment with a floral ring. You can go for DIY wedding rings and in that way the gift would have more value.

Create an artificial floral ceiling

Decorating the ceilings has become quite trendy nowadays. This idea was prevalent more in indoor weddings but for outdoor weddings too, you can now create artificial ceilings. For daytime, the ceilings could be adorned with flowers such as peonies, hydrangeas or ranunculus. For night-time, you will need to add fairy lights or chandeliers along with flowers.

A beach villa as wedding venue

If you and your partners are the more into party and having fun, beach villas as the wedding venue would be the most suitable choice for you. The wedding venue will actually define your personality. As for the flower choice, we would recommend you select flowers of darker shade to match with the party theme. Add a separate wine corner in the villa and if there is a pool within the venue that would be just the cherry on the top.

Rose gold sequin drapes

For your tables and chair fabric, go for rose gold sequin drapes. If you are more into flashy decors, this would be the right style for you. However, if you go for this option, choose mild colored smaller blooms as the centerpieces. Otherwise, the décor would look way too much!

The true fairy tale affair would be when you and your partner are happy and stress free on the wedding day. Therefore, don’t forget to enjoy the day and create memories while arranging the decors.

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