4 Places to Plan Your Next Girls’ Vacay

Every friend group needs a girls’ getaway. Female bonding time is essential for a balanced, fulfilled life. Coming up with a destination that pleases your pals is sometimes difficult, but here’s a list of possible girls’ trip destinations to get you started.

Lounge in the Sun at Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach offers the opportunity to get away from the crowds that clog some of North Carolina’s coastline. You get to enjoy a more insulated vacation with your girlfriends. The low-key atmosphere is ideal for bonding, and you can check out Carolina Beach hotels near any attractions you like.

Take your lady troupe and head to Carolina Beach State Park, where you can play in the water, lie on the sand, or walk the pier. The Carolina Beach Boardwalk beckons, as well. You can drink, eat, and play games without stepping off the boardwalk. As a group, you can learn how to paddleboard or take an eco-friendly wildlife tour by kayak.

Bond in Bora Bora

Image via Flickr by tensaibuta

Bora Bora is the jewel of French Polynesia. Though it’s often considered a romantic destination, it’s a wonderful place to go with just your girls. The island is all about relaxation. Research hotels in Bora Bora that are near the ocean, so you can snag a room with a view. Conversely, try to find a spot that’s central to everything.

Matira Beach is the most popular public beach on the island, so it’s typically crowded, but the crowds are friendly and jovial. Does your group adore physical activity? Consider a hike to Mount Otemanu—or you can just take in the beauty of the extinct volcano from a distance. Otherwise, head east where there’s a tiny islet that has its own coral reef. When you get an urge to party, you can take the girls to Vaitape, the island’s main town.

Soak Up Southern Hospitality in Biloxi

Biloxi, Mississippi, is the ideal getaway for ladies who love to try their luck at cards, the Roulette wheel, or the slots because it’s a gambler’s paradise. In fact, you can search for Biloxi hotels with their own casino. Failing that, find accommodations in proximity to the places where you want to play.

It’s not all about the Benjamins in Biloxi, however. Tour the Biloxi Lighthouse for a breathtaking view of the city. Visit Ship Island, a mesmerizing hideaway with a storied history and its own beaches. You can take in a minor league game at MGM Park or examine the art in the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art, which focuses on the abstract. 

Enjoy Self-Care in Big Bear

Image via Flickr by Dave Snowden

Big Bear provides a different kind of California getaway. You can still spend the day at a vineyard, but depending on the season, you can also go water skiing on the lake or skiing on the slopes. The area is diverse with a versatile array of activities. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, then seek out Big Bear hotels near Big Bear Lake, Boulder Bay Park, or Castle Rock trail. Check out the shops in Pine Knot Village, and don’t forget to stop by the Big Bear Historical Museum.

Where are you going with your girls?

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